Who We Are

We created Kids For The World in the fall of 2015 because we realized that we are so fortunate and so many children around the world have so little.

Initially our goal was to raise $700.00 to send one child in Haiti and one in Cameroon, Africa to school. We launched our headband fundraiser and more than doubled our goal, raising over $1500! We were able to pay one year’s tuition, books, and uniform expense for one child in Cameroon, and 4 children in Haiti!

This year we have doubled our goal, we want to send 8 children to school.  We are still selling headbands, and are currently working on other projects to sell, so stay tuned for those.

Send us a message if you’re interest in purchasing a headband and we’ll get you info on our current inventory. They are $15.00 each.

Thank you for your support!